Bruno Serralongue

Millepertuis photographié lors d’une sortie des Naturalistes en lutte sur la ZAD de Notre-Dame-des-Landes, 9 août 2015


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Year 2015
Medium Inkjet Print on Archival Paper
Size (cm) 24 x 36 cm
Size (in) 9,44 x 14,17 inches
Edition 10
Frame Yes

About the artist

Bruno Serralongue’s photographs follow a reporting process; sitting in the center of a mediatized event, the artist goes to the scene and photographs the scenery emptied of all action, and also of all meaning.


Bruno Serralongue denies making “engaged art”, aware of the need to distinguish between individual involvement and artistic work, even if he seeks to link the two. Since, unlike a professional photographer, he chooses all his subjects on his own, these necessarily meet his personal concerns. Voluntarily, he works without accreditation or prior authorization; he positions himself, depending on the circumstances, as a participant, tourist, observer …This perspective dives us into the heart of the event, such as the photos taken recently during the demonstrations of the militant group “Naturalistes en Lutte” at Notre-Dames des Landes.


Born in 1968 in Châtellerault (France), Bruno Serralongue currently lives and work in Paris.

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