Marie José Burki

Je ne suis pas comme…


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Year 1995
Medium red cardboard box containing business card size cards
Size (cm) 8 x 11 x 5,5 cm
Size (in) 3,14 x 4,33 x 1,96 inches
Edition 30

About the artist

Photography, neon, text and video are the favorite media used by Marie José Burki. Using visual devices such as photography, neon, text and video, her work focuses on constantly shifting relationships between static and moving images, which interrogate our perceptions of reality in a world saturated with images.


Associated with a close observation of the background of daily life, the confrontation of these media contributes to the creation of a ‘fixed’ temporality; an evocation of a moment both real and suspended, reflecting its relationship to the world in which we live. Beyond an almost absent narrative, a description emerges playing with pictorial and literary codes. Her work also questions the relationship with the image and the concepts of duration, space and perception.


Born in 1961 in Bienne (Switzerland), Marie José Burki currently lives and work in Brussels.

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