Saint Clair Cemin

El Sabio



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Year 2011
Medium Dry point and bronze sculpture
Size (cm) 69 x 53 cm
Size (in) 27,16 x 20,86
Edition 15

About the artist

« My intellectual mentor in my hometown was the father of my best friend. We became also great friends because I used to see  often this older guy called Gilberto. I would spend a long time with Gilberto. At that time, he was in his fifties and I was a teenager, and he thought me about philosophy. He was a genius, he knew everything. He was also a farmer and when he was on the road, he always came on a horse but behind him he would drag a donkey with two huge bags fills with his books that he was reading and researching at the moment. So, he basically brought his donkeys carrying his library. For the Shop Show, I made his donkeys with his books for this edition and then the print represents some donkeys wearing glasses. »


From the naturalistic to the abstract surreal, Saint Clair Cemin’s broad sculptural vocabulary presents a bold panoply of work both striking and immediate.


Cannibalizing the history of sculpture itself, as well as its many styles and techniques, Cemin’s inventive forms span the vast expanse of the visual universe. In the 1990s he built his reputation on a revolutionary approach to sculpture rooted in a combination of ordinary shapes, references to craftwork and to historical sculpture. His works, built on a blend of precision crafting, noble materials and references to ancient Greece, Art Nouveau and surrealism, are as strangely humorous as they are sensual.


Bron in 1951 in Cruz Alta (Bresil), Saint Clair currently lives and works in Brooklyn (New York, USA) and Beijing (China).

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