Tessa Perutz

Path at Eucalyptus Trail #1 (Redwood Regional Forest, Oakland, CA)

Tessa Perutz

Château de Sable

3 September 2020 – 24 October 2020 03.09.2020 – 24.10.2020

Rue de la Concorde 33

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In conversation with Tessa Perutz – Text by Evelyn Simons

By bike, I ride from north to south, taking la petite ceinture along the canal from my house to Tessa’s. It’s summertime in Brussels and everyone’s locked in at home. Yet I do feel a sense of holiday when going to her studio; the idea of traveling and reminiscing over places visited or yet to discover. Bright colors take me on an imagined journey of sensorial exploration.
A wave of lavender seduces my nose upon entering. She has prepared a refreshing hibiscus iced tea. I brought a salad with fresh fava beans, they’re in season now. Over the past few months, Tessa has worked relentlessly. It’s as though she took the imposed stillness of life surrounding us as a way to venture out, deeper than before into herself, into her practice, into new possibilities. A myriad of materials and techniques arose, her subject matter expanded radically. The lavender that played the leading role in her exhibition Jardin du Midi is now used in her drawings – the meticulously glued lavender flowers trace out continuous lines, building up her iconic and opaque flattened sceneries. There are works on paper, arranged on mirrors and various other surfaces. There is a carpet made up of what seems to be hundreds of painter’s palettes. There is a bench with bold angles and homemade red lacquer finish. There is sand in the paint. Watercolours. And suddenly, there are people.

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