Group show featuring ceramic works and carpets

29 April 2021 – 5 June 2021 29.04.2021 – 05.06.2021

Rue de la Concorde 33

Ceramicarpet is a unique group exhibition featuring ceramic works and carpets of artists coming from all over the world : Aline Bouvy (BE), Wang Du (CN), Mekhitar Garabedian (BE), Larissa Lockshin (CA), Zoë Paul (UK), Tessa Perutz (US), Ry Rocklen (US).

Although all have different nationalities, we have chosen to bring them together because of their common desire – processing material through craftsmanship. Looking at their combined works, two media immediately jump out – ceramics and tapestry. The presentation of these works in a group exhibit gave rise to the neologism ceramicarpet. 

Although both techniques have developed from crafting methods, their characteristics could not be more different – the smooth, shiny surface of the ceramic glaze stands in sharp contrast to the soft, woolly feel of the tapestry. This results in a dialogue of both opposition and complementarity between the works.

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