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Robert Devriendt

The Missing Script: Painting n°11

The works of Robert Devriendt are assembled in such a way as to create cinematic montages. The themes and the way the paintings are combined demonstrate their relationship with the art of painting, film and the image in general. Dark personages and surprising props are depicted in changing scenes in which some drama seems to be taking place. He investigates the way in which images work and are interpreted, in which misunderstanding plays a key role. In doing so, he adopts a clear standpoint within visual culture and the vision of reality. The observer, seen by Devriendt as a voyeur, is invited to interpret the ‘interrupted story’ like a detective. His imagination is stimulated by the spaces between the paintings. Devriendt’s illusionist painting technique, reminiscent of the Flemish Primitives, also casts a spell on the observer.

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