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Leen Voet

BVD #3 Bert Vandael series

Leen Voet (b. 1971, Belgium) lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.


“In her recent works Leen Voet suspends the question of what to paint repeatedly in favor of ‘found’ visual and literary sources or ‘given’ imagery (literal pictures, or re-imagined illustrations with reference to texts) she converts into her own paintings, drawings and other media, these works evidently being in their own right.” [1]


Bert Vandael, her ongoing series of paintings and drawings, establishes a direct dialogue with watercolors and tempera paintings on paper that she made during her studies at art school (1987-1989). The series is named after her former teacher, who gave his students the assignment to paint weekly landscapes from direct observation. Leen Voet reinterprets these numerous academic studies (based either from nature or from photographs) and translates them into her signature pictorial style, full of colorful geometric shapes oscillating between abstraction and figuration.


[1] What to Paint, on Bert Vandael, Hans-Jürgen Hafner, 2016

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