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Alain Séchas


Surprising, subversive and full of humor, Alain Séchas’ works attract and intrigue with their folding and unfolding. They seem to add subjects which are unexpected in the realm of contemporary art to the fast beat of drawing. If we take away the essence of its context, which gives meaning to all of its figures, the works take on a material, and sometimes sonorous dimension to their volume inflated with air.


His choice of materials-colored Plexiglas, polyester coated with white satin material-imparts lightness to his works. His sensuality, his skill at creating a link with the colors of their exhibition environment, the transparency of Plexiglas and the white/crimson reflection of the volumes are transfixed by the violence of their titles: Viol no. 1, Vous me faites horreur, La Pieuvre, Les fleurs Carnivores, Professeur Suicide. Like the images towards which they are directed, these titles stress the importance of immediate interpretation. (…)

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